Carruth Classes: PE I-IV, PE Athletics, Strength & Conditioning, Health


PE classes 4-6  Students please use the following Remind 101 class code: Text the message @carruthp to this number 81010. 

Log into Canvas for daily assignments, announcements and course information.

The PE department administers the Pre-Fitnessgram Test in August. There will be a mid-year fitnessgram to assess improvement and to test new students 2nd semester. The final Fitnessgram test will be administered in the spring.  Parents and Students may log in to to view Student Fitnessgram and Assessment results. Use the student ID# for the username and the student’s last name for the password to access the results.


  • PE uniforms with name printed or written on the back (available at Shreveport Gymnastics)
  • Tennis shoes with good tread
  • Combination lock for PE locker
  •  $10 class fee payable online

Strength & Conditioning/PE Athletics Class

Conditioning students may wear RED or BLACK shorts and a magnet t-shirt from their team sport. (for example: Magnet Soccer) If your team does not have a t-shirt then the regulation PE t-shirt should be worn.  PE shirts can be purchased at Shreveport Gymnastics.

Log into Canvas for daily assignments, announcements, and course information.

Students please join Remind 101. Class code for Conditioning/Athletics: Text @h6a873 to 81010 for reminders.


  • Conditioning uniforms
  • Tennis shoes with good tread
  • Pocket folder with tabs (to be turned in)
  • Combination lock for PE locker
  • $10 class fee payable online 


Health classes will be administered online.                                                                        Classroom portal:

1st  semester 1st & 3rd period Students please join Remind: Health Remind 101 code:    Text @carruthhe to 81010 for reminders

Supplies needed:  Headphones or earbuds, spiral notebook, pen or pencil

optional items: tissues, hand sanitizer

Class fees: Payable online- $2 health fee and 1st period students also have a $10 homeroom fee

MAKE UP ASSIGNMENTS FOR ALL PE CLASSES:   You are allowed 2 free absence days per nine weeks- excused or unexcused- for which you will receive your daily points just as if you were in class.  After your 3rd absence a make up assignment is required to earn your daily points back for EACH day missed.  Assignments are due within 5 school days of the absence. Be sure to let me know if you are absent due to a school related function as that will not count as one of your absences.  When I receive your make up work I will change the grade for the missed day from a zero to the daily points missed.  Assignment topics are listed below:

Locate a current article from a reliable internet source on current Teen Health and Exercise issues.  The article must be published in 2016-present.  (No older)

Topics you may choose include:   Benefits of Exercise and Mental Health,  Teen Obesity, Teen Nutrition, Effects of Sugar on the Body, Teen Exercise/Fitness, Teen Diabetes, Teen Health Trends, Teens and Sports, Teens and Sports Concussions, Sprains and Strains-explain the differences, causes, and treatments,  Shin Splints- Include what they are, treatment, and  prevention.

Type a minimum half page, single spaced summary of the article that you choose. Start the summary at the top of the page, not half way down the page.  Font may be no larger than size 12.  Email your summary to me at  and include the link to your article so that I may view it.

*Late or Incomplete reports, not following directions, or plagiarizing will result in point deductions or zero points.



Students that need to make up work or need assistance with an assignment should schedule an appointment during activity period on Fridays or after school.   If you need to contact me my email is